What does atm stand for in the marines?

Answer According to the Marine Corps Supplement to the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, ATM stands for asynchronous transfer mode. ATM is a digital data transfer technolo... Read More »

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What does MOS stand for in the marines?

It Stands for Military Occupational Specialty. In other words, it's your "Job" in the Marine Corps. This defines you and what you do. For example, If you go into 0311 infantry, you have succeeded a... Read More »

What does PFC stand for in the Marines?

PFC is the abbreviation for the rank of Private First Class in the United States Marine Corps. Private First Class is pay grade E-2. This is the rank above Private and the rank below Lance Corporal... Read More »

In the marines for what does atr stand?

In the Marine Corps, ATR stands for Automatic Target Recognition. Using complex algorithms, this is a system by which electronic devices outline and identify targets based on information gathered f... Read More »

What does EAS stand for in the marines?

It stands for End of Active Service. It's when you are upon your last day in the Marine Corps before you get out or need to reinlist.