What does ata mean on a computer hard drive?

Answer ATA stands for AT Attachment Interface, which is a specification for getting hard disk drives and removable disc (CD/DVD) drives connected to and sharing data with other components inside your PC o... Read More »

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Does a slow computer speed mean the hard drive is failing?

A slow computer is one symptom of a failing hard drive. Other common signs of a dying hard drive, or disk, include computer crashes, missing data and unusual noises. Just because a computer is slow... Read More »

What does it mean when a computer shuts down when plugging in the hard drive?

Under normal operation, a computer should not shut down when you plug in an external device. Conversely, a computer should never be powered on when you're attaching internal devices. A system crash... Read More »

What do computer memory and hard drive mean?

A computer's memory refers to the device used to process and store digital data on a computer. Random Access Memory, or RAM, is composed of memory chips, and all data on the RAM is erased when a co... Read More »

What does an ATA hard drive mean?

An ATA hard drive is one that uses an older standard for connecting to a computer's motherboard.BackgroundThe technology behind ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) drives was developed and release... Read More »