What does asl mean in a chat room?

Answer Brevity is the key to Internet. Jargon, abbreviations and emoticons have increased the speed at which we can get our points across.DefinitionWhen someone asks you, "asl?" they are asking your age, ... Read More »

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What does chat room mean?

A chat room is a virtual "room" that allows people to communicate in real time with each other using text, voice or video. Chat rooms are generally associated with computers, although they are avai... Read More »

What does"lol"mean in a chat room?

"LOL" is Internet jargon used in chat rooms as a shorthand for "laugh out loud" or "laughing out loud." It is used to indicate a reaction to something funny that made the person laugh out loud whil... Read More »

What does lol mean in a chat room?

Laugh out loud. dont worry i didnt know what it meant when i was starting to use aim.

What does 4444 mean in a chat room?

The term "4444" comes from the T9 text messaging style where typing "4444" into your mobile device would output the word "high" in your text message. It is a slang term referring to being high or i... Read More »