What does an aside do?

Answer aside means that a character is speaking only so himself/ herself or one other person, plus the audience can hear.

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Does the speed of the drive affects gaming performance aside from a faster loading?

A 10,000 drive, such as a Raptor, will speed up loading a game, and perhaps loading different levels within the game, but will not speed up game play itself. Once the game is loaded, its speed depe... Read More »

Aside from refrences in AFI 36-3003 How does the AF define local area as it pertaines to travel without use of leave?

Of service members on duty at any particular time, some will be sent into a combat zone, others will not. Obviously that is the biggest factor. Of those who went to Vietnam, about 98% came back ali... Read More »

Aside from smoking,what habit do u hate?

Watching someone pick their nose in public!!!!!

Aside from Eating, what are some Good Uses for Hotdogs?

Well they were very useful for 'other' things until the dildo came along....;)