What does arvial scan mean?

Answer When a package arrives at a location it is scanned by workers at that location. This initial arrival scan is called, well... an "arrival scan" to designate that the package has arrived at that loca... Read More »

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What does unload scan mean in UPS?

United Parcel Service (UPS) tracks packages in its delivery system by scanning bar code labels attached to the packages at various points in their journey. An "unload" scan means that the bar code ... Read More »

What does destination scan mean on UPS?

A UPS "Destination Scan" tracking event means that a package has arrived at the UPS facility that is responsible for actually delivering it. UPS keeps electronic records to show that its warehouse ... Read More »

What does progressive scan mean on a dvd player?

It simply means that it can take a standard DVD (which is 480i) and output a progressive signal (480p)If the term high definition or upscaling is used, it can output a 720p, 1080i and some models w... Read More »

What does active with a pet scan mean?

Positron emission tomography (PET) is an imaging technology that uses injected radioactive isotopes to diagnose medical conditions. As the Radiology Info Website states, the procedure can be used t... Read More »