What does artificially flavored mean?

Answer Artificially flavored is when a product is added to a food to enhance its flavor. The product is not made from natural foods like spices or herbs, fruits, vegetables, plants or parts of plants, yea... Read More »

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Why is lemon juice artificially flavored, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Not really a deep question, but more marketing propaganda on the Dishwashing company's side.If any amount of "real" lemons is used in dishwashing liquid, a company can claim it is made with real le... Read More »

Does artificially fluoridating the population's tap water violate the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)?

If it was grandfathered in, then it can't violate the act. That's what grandfathering means.And I will never understand the nutjob conspiracy theories about water fluoridation. Every reputable scie... Read More »

Does flavored water "count"?

It does count unless the flavouring has a diuretic effect.

How are crystals grown artificially?

Crystals have important implication in the manufacturing of electronics and other goods. Because natural crystals are valuable as gemstones, crystals for other purposes are commonly artificially cr... Read More »