What does "archive" mean in facebook messages?

Answer Archiving a conversation will hide it from your messages view, while deleting a conversation from Messages permanently removes the entire conversation and its history.To archive a conversation, sim... Read More »

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What does archive mean on Facebook on the iPod touch?

It's actually saved. Go to the arrow where it says search messages and select archived messages.

If you report messages as spam on Facebook, does it delete the messages from the other persons account?

nope. single report won't do. it needs couple of reports from different facebook users to a certain degree. Then it will go through a technical group or an automated system and then decide what to ... Read More »

What does "downloading a twitter archive" mean?

It's a file containing all of your tweets

What Does Ready for Archive Mean on File Folders?

If you right-click most files within your Windows computer operating system, a small menu will appear with a button that says, "Advanced...". Clicking that button will reveal a box that, if checked... Read More »