What does apr mean in relation to mortgages?

Answer When you are looking to purchase a home, the lender will quote an annual percentage rate (APR). The APR represents your cost of borrowing funds. It is a net effective rate that allows you to compar... Read More »

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What Does Adi Mean in Relation to Airplanes?

Anti-Detonant Injection, or ADI, is an injection of water or a methanol-water mixture into a jet engine during takeoff. This injection allows an optimal fuel mixture while cooling the engine, allow... Read More »

What does TL-TWA mean in relation to silica gel?

TLV-TWA stands for threshold limit value and time weighted average. According to The Linde Group, this indicates "the time-weighted average concentration for a normal 8 hour workday and a 40 hour w... Read More »

What does OVA mean in relation to anime?

In the world of Japanese animation, or anime, an OVA is a film or show produced for home video as a DVD and is never broadcast on television or released in movie theaters. OVA stands for Original V... Read More »

What does BFN mean in relation to pregnancy?

BFN in relation to pregnancy or fertility means "Big Fat Negative". This is a common acronym or abbreviation used on fertility websites and blogs. It means that a pregnancy test came up negative.S... Read More »