How to Deal With Anti Semitism?

Answer Are people harassing you and making ignorant comments about you, simply because of your religion (Judaism), your heritage or ethnicity (Jewish) or perhaps because of your nationality (Israeli)? Are... Read More »

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Zionism isn't it akin to Anti-Semitism?

Thanks for clearing that up that you meant antiZionism because when I first saw this question, I thought you were a hater, lol. I agree 100% with Zvi. He's saying exactly the same thing that I alwa... Read More »

What does anti-cubic mean?

The word anti-cubic has two functional definitions. In the field of quantum physics, it is part of the larger term "anti-cubic nonlinearity," which is a derivative of the Schrödinger equation that... Read More »

What does anti-androgenic mean?

Androgens are steroid sex hormones, such as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone. Because they are responsible for the development of sex characteristics in males, androgens... Read More »

What does anti-dumping mean?

Anti-dumping laws aim to stop companies from exporting goods to a country for less than the price they charge in their home state, according to the World Trade Organization. "Dumping" often puts do... Read More »