What does an upside down star mean?

Answer A pentacle is any five-pointed shape, usually a star. The five points generally represent the five elements: air, water, fire, earth and aether or spirit. When this star is inverted, it often carri... Read More »

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How to Make Star Fruit Upside Down Cake?

This cake will have you seeing stars! descriptionCarambola, commonly known as star fruit is used for garnishing drinks, food displays, and chicken, fish or pork dishes. It is also used in the occas... Read More »

Why is a Senior chief petty officers star upside down?

The purpose of the Star is to signify superior leadership skills and qualities found in the officer corp of the U.S. Navy. The reason the star is upside down is directly related to the star worn on... Read More »

If you turn a TV upside down, will the picture turn upside down too?

yes.everything on and within the tv will then be upside down.

How to Beat the Star Destroyer Mini Game in Star Wars the Force Unleashed?

The Star Destroyer mini game in Star Wars the Force Unleashed is easy, once you know how to beat it. Follow these steps and you can beat it quickly on any difficulty.