What does an orange 02 filter do to photographs?

Answer For black and white, it will pass more of it's complementary color (in the blue range) thereby darkening blue sky with less effect on white clouds, for instance. The net effect will be increased co... Read More »

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Rosalind Franklin worked on X-ray diffraction photographs of the DNA molecule what did those photographs show?

Diffraction of waves is used in crystallography to examine the arrangement of atoms in crystalline structures. X-rays are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of a size comparable to the spacing ... Read More »

In the first practical process of reproducing photographs for books on what were photographs printed?

Does Orange Glo International still produce Orange Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner?

It helps them save time ,reduces the paper cost which are used in DFA's (Draft for approval) makes thing run very quickly.

What was the name of the orange round ball shaped like a orange and it sang songs called on sesame street?