What does an optical spectrometer measure?

Answer An optical spectrometer is a useful instrument for physicists and astronomers. It separates and measures wavelengths of light. Although it is often used to study visible light (color), it can also ... Read More »

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What does a spectrometer measure?

A spectrometer is used to identify the atomic and sub-atomic constituents that make up substances by extracting the characteristic spectra of light emitted by those constituents, which can be speci... Read More »

What does a mass spectrometer measure?

Chemists use mass spectrometry as an analytical method to determine the molecular weight of compounds. Generally, the substance to be analyzed is injected into a gas chromatograph, which is capable... Read More »

What does a flame spectrometer do?

A flame spectrometer is a mechanism used to detect metals in samples from the environment. The function of a flame spectrometer is to measure flame atomic absorption, which occurs once the solution... Read More »

Does a spectrometer break up the suns light?

NO, it can't break the sun light, because, the hydrogen atoms of the sun turn into helium that is by fusion process while the helium atoms turn into hydrogen