How much does an interior designer make a year?

Answer The median annual salary for an interior designer is $42,260, according to the latest available information from Bureau of Labor Statistics. Interior designers who work in the architectural and eng... Read More »

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How much does an Interior Designer make per hour?

Most interior designers do not make an hourly wage, but a salary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average interior designer earned a salary of $44,950 in 2008. Those who work in... Read More »

What is the definition of an interior designer?

An interior designer is like an interior decorator, only she operates on a more sophisticated scale. Because their work is more advanced than an interior decorator's, some states require interior ... Read More »

What is the yearly salary of an interior designer?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median yearly salary of an interior designer, as of May 2008, was $44,950. Factors such as experience, and specialty types vary the earnings of this ... Read More »

What is an interior designer SIC code number?

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a four-digit system that the government uses to classify industries (not just the interior design industry). An example of the system is "SIC 7389 In... Read More »