What does an inconclusive herpes test mean?

Answer Wondering if you have a sexually transmitted infection such as herpes can be frightening. Unfortunately, the tests are frequently inconclusive, giving false positives or negatives. That means you m... Read More »

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What does an inconclusive paternity test mean?

An inconclusive paternity tests means that based on the genetic information it was not possible to determine whether the man undergoing the test is the father of the child being tested, according t... Read More »

How Do I Test for Herpes?

Testing for a sexually transmitted disease doesn't have to be a frightening process. Understand the types of tests that are offered and how they are used to be in control of your health and to mak... Read More »

Does the Army test for herpes?

Genital herpes that are "not amenable to treatment" can prevent someone from joining the U.S. Army. During the recruitment process, while a specific herpes test may not occur, the military does ext... Read More »

Does the military test for herpes?

The military will not specifically test applicants for herpes during the physical screening process; however, there is a visual examination of the genitalia during the entrance physical. If found, ... Read More »