What does an imaging receptor mean in radiography?

Answer An imaging receptor acts as a link between an X-ray device and the technician using the device. Imaging receptors turn raw data from an X-ray into a visible format for viewing.Source:The Free Dicti... Read More »

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What does contrast in radiography mean?

The term "contrast" primarily describes the "degree of density difference" between areas on a radiograph. This difference reveals anatomical structures. The term also describes the "agent" or "medi... Read More »

What does"recorded detail"mean in radiography?

Recorded detail refers to the geometric sharpness or clarity of anatomic structure lines displayed in a radiographic image. It encompasses the properties of image definition, detail sharpness, spat... Read More »

What Does Positive Bone Scan Imaging Mean?

Interpreting the meaning of test results for serious conditions is a stressful experience for patients. Bone scan imagining is one diagnostic tool used by doctors, and the procedure tests for a var... Read More »

Computed Radiography Vs. Digital Radiography?

If you think computed radiography and digital radiography are the same thing, think again. Though both produce higher-quality images in less time than traditional, non-digital X-rays, each has diff... Read More »