What does an emoticon mean?

Answer It is difficult to convey emotion on a computer screen. An emoticon (an emotion icon) conveys human emotion by using a series of symbols and letters to create a "face." A smiley :-) is one of the m... Read More »

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What does the emoticon -o mean?

Like most characters in emoticons, -o can actually be used in several ways to confer different meanings. Pairing these two characters with : conveys surprise, while [-o< is supposed to show prayin... Read More »

What does the emoticon =O mean?

The emoticon =0 denotes surprise by the person sending the text or instant message to the other person. It mimics the look of surprise on a person's face, such as a big, open mouth.Source:MobileCom... Read More »

What does the emoticon x mean?

The "X" is rarely used for an emoticon all by itself, but it can be paired with different characters to create emoticons that signify anger or love. It can also be used to convey a message meaning... Read More »

What does -_- emoticon mean?

It's one step short of a face palm. Like an "oh really?' face or "No ****" face.