What does an attachment mean?

Answer Answer A file of any sort that you attach to an email. Answer-- An attachment is a component added onto a machine to alter its functioning. Attachment may also refer to: - Attachment (psychology),... Read More »

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LCD attachment?

What you need to check is the following:click and hold the function key on your laptop. locate the button that has a picture of two monitors on it (usually f5 or one near it)Press it a couple of ti... Read More »

How big of an attachment can i sent with aol?

AOL allows email files to be sent with sizes up to 16 megabytes. That maximum file size includes a combination of the sender's emails headers, body text and attachments. The maximum file size can i... Read More »

What Is a Fax Attachment?

A fax attachment is an extra document, such as a picture or a brochure, that is sent along with a fax from a computer. This feature allows the recipient of the fax to get additional information reg... Read More »

What is an infant attachment?

it is a strong long lasting emotional tie or bond between two people.