What does an amp meter measure?

Answer An amp meter, also known as an ammeter, measures the electrical current present in a wire. The current, measured in amps, represents the rate at which the electrons currently move through the circu... Read More »

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What does a conductivity meter measure?

A conductivity meter measures how well a solution can conduct electricity. Conductivity is affected by the distance between the meter's electrodes and the temperature of the solution. The meter exp... Read More »

What does a voltage meter measure?

A voltmeter measures voltage difference, or the change in electric potential between two points in a circuit. The electrical resistance of the meter should be high enough so it has no significant e... Read More »

What does a pluvio meter measure?

A pluvio meter or pluviometer measures the amount of precipitation a certain area receives and is typically used for ascertaining the amount of rainfall. Sometimes, a pluviometer is called a rain g... Read More »

Does the FreeStyle Freedom Lite meter measure whole blood or plasma?

The FreeStyle Freedom Lite meter measures whole blood when monitoring blood glucose. For this reason, dehydration may affect the results and you must to use fresh capillary blood, not arterial bloo... Read More »