What does an altimeter do on a watch?

Answer According to REI, an outdoor gear company, an altimeter on a watch, also known as a wrist altimeter, "estimates your elevation and changes in the weather based on changes in barometric pressure." B... Read More »

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What does altimeter mean?

An altimeter is an instrument that measures height above a reference plane; usually, the height is measured above Mean Sea Level (MSL). Altimeters are typically aneroid barometers, translating the ... Read More »

Can a barometer be used as an altimeter?

A barometer can be used as an altimeter, which measures distance above sea level. A barometer measures atmospheric pressure, which changes according to altitude. When it is carried in an airplane o... Read More »

Who created the altimeter?

The barometric altimeter was invented by Paul Kollsman in 1928 according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's website. Kollsman's altimeter made it possible to figure altitude with in a f... Read More »

How to Add an Altimeter to a TomTom?

TomTom is one of the most popular automotive navigation systems, and is produced by the Dutch company of the same name. While the TomTom GPS has a number of useful features besides navigation, suc... Read More »