What does an Infiniti FX50s weigh?

Answer The Infiniti FX50S has a curb weight of 4648 pounds (2108.30-kilograms). This weight includes the vehicle and its factory-installed equipment--it does not include the weight of passengers or any ca... Read More »

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What Type of Struts Does a 1994 Q45 Infiniti Have?

The 1994 Infiniti Q45 uses twin-tube, gas-charged shock/strut assemblies in the rear of the car and twin-tube, gas-charged shocks/struts--with a multi-stage variable aperture sandwich valve system ... Read More »

Does digital information physically weigh anythng Example: If you fill a 200Gb HD, will it weigh more?

No. Info save is just magnetic variations, so atoms (molecules?) are same.

Does the Infiniti G35 take premium gas?

Yes, the 2008 Infiniti G35 requires premium fuel. This rear-wheel-drive model is powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 engine paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. City gas mileage is 17 mpg; highw... Read More »

How much hp does the Infiniti G35 have?

The last year of the Infiniti car model G35 is 2007. In that year the sedan made 306 hp while the coupe produced a max hp of 293. The model was discontinued in 2008 when Infiniti dawned the G37 s... Read More »