What does amniotic mean?

Answer The term 'amniotic' means of or related to the amnion or characterized by developing an amnion

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How much amniotic fluid is in the amniotic sac?

The most volume is typically toward the end of gestation and is around 800 - 1000 mL in normal pregnancies.

What is amniotic fluid?

Amniotic fluid is usually sterile, and contained in the sac that surrounds your baby throughout pregnancy.,9547,16_...

Possible Amniotic leak?

Call your doctor and head to the hospital. It sounds like your daughter did the same thing. Congrats and happy labor to you!

Help low amniotic fluid?

I was told when I was pregnant w/ my daughter that for it to be considered 'low' it had to be lower than 5.0!! I was induced @ 41 weeks because of low amniotic levels were 1.5!! If you a... Read More »