What does amniotic mean?

Answer The term 'amniotic' means of or related to the amnion or characterized by developing an amnion

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What does it mean if amniotic fluid is red?

As long as the amniotic fluid leak is occurring at term (37-42 weeks), pink amniotic fluid is quite normal. Amniotic fluid is usually 'straw coloured, however it is completely normal for it to mix ... Read More »

What does it mean if at 35 weeks your doctor says your amniotic fluid is starting to diminish?

Answer MAybe it'e leaking out slowly. You are 35 weeks so if the baby needs to come soon, the chance of survival is great.AnswerIt could either mean that you have a small leak or that your body is... Read More »

If you are leaking amniotic fluid does that mean you will have the baby soon?

But leaking amniotic fluid can happen before the pregnancy is in its last day, and, if it happens 38 weeks before the term, it is called premature rupture of membrane. Usually, premature leaking c... Read More »

Can high amniotic fluid mean gestational diabetes?