What does amended discovery mean?

Answer Discovery refers to the process of one side of a court matter attempting to obtain information from another. In civil litigation, the plaintiff and defendant may file discovery requests with one an... Read More »

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What does amended judgment of conviction mean?

Within criminal law, a judgment of conviction implies the final passing of a guilty sentence in a criminal case in which punishment is imposed. An amended judgment of conviction therefore implies t... Read More »

How long does an amended tax return take to process?

The IRS can take on average between 8 to 12 weeks to process and finalize its findings for amended tax returns. Filing earlier or electronically can possibly speed this up, but they are not guarant... Read More »

How long does an amended irs federal refund take?

According to the IRS, it can take eight to 12 weeks to process the 1040X amended return from the date that it is receive by the agency. Therefore, a refund could be expected within that time frame.... Read More »

What size battery does the Roomba Discovery 4210 need?

The Roomba Discovery model 4210 runs on a 14.4-volt battery. The specific battery required is a HQRP 3300mAh APS battery, which is also compatible with Roomba Discovery models 4220 and 4225.Referen... Read More »