I found about 30 lbs of pine resin on the beach. It is clear amber color but not hard enough to be amber.?

Answer Well, if it is hard enough to make into jewelry, then sell it to a jeweler, remind him that he can sell most anything to us American Tourists, really he can.Are you sure that it is Pine Resin and ... Read More »

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What Is Cognac Amber?

When tree resin fossilizes over millions of years, it produces a gemstone known as amber. Cognac amber resembles the rich brown color of French brandy, and darker hues rank among the more sought-af... Read More »

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How is amber formed?

Amber is resin that has hardened and fossilized over millions of years. It is generally a clear golden-brown color. It is not a gemstone but is prized and valued as jewelry by collectors and lapida... Read More »