What does echo mean for amateur repeaters?

Answer The term "echo" can mean one of two things to an amateur repeater operator, retransmitting weak radio signals as stronger ones that can cover longer distances. First, it refers to the "echo test,... Read More »

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On Amateur Radio what does 76 mean on CW I know about 73 & 88.?

I've been licensed for 39 years and have never heard of that. May refer to some organization or group the ham belongs to. Not a normal code.Interesting sounding CW beat, so may just be fun.

What is the average score for an amateur golfer?

According to the National Golf Foundation, and as reported by The New York Times, the average score for the average golfer is about 100, over 18 holes. Increases in technique and golfing technology... Read More »

What Is an Average Golf Score for an Amateur?

An average golf score for an amateur is about 100 for the average 18-hole game, according to the National Golf Foundation, which is a research and consulting service for the golf industry.Source: h... Read More »

What accessories can you buy an amateur photographer for Christmas?

AnswerIt depends if they are using film or digital media. Camera accessories can be expensive (even for hobbyists), so maybe a book on photography techniques would be more appropriate.