How old is too old for amateur boxing?

Answer On One Hand: Official Limit Is 34Amateur boxing associations, such as the Amateur International Boxing Association, do no allow amateurs to fight past the age of 34 because of health concerns. Howe... Read More »

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On Amateur Radio what does 76 mean on CW I know about 73 & 88.?

I've been licensed for 39 years and have never heard of that. May refer to some organization or group the ham belongs to. Not a normal code.Interesting sounding CW beat, so may just be fun.

How to Photograph Weddings As an Amateur?

Anyone can click away with a digital camera at a wedding, but to do it right, in order, with all the required photographs done efficiently and professionally, takes experience.

How to Get Started in Amateur Astronomy?

When you look up at the darkened sky and gaze at the stars, some seem to be blinking, and you wonder why. All of a sudden, you can see a shooting star and the little dipper. The moon is in an eclip... Read More »

Which SLR is best suited for a amateur photographer?

your best bet would be the Nikon D40, i just purchased it and i LOVE IT... i'm getting better at photography everyday. I used to have a point and shoot kodak digital camera, I thought I was a bad ... Read More »