Art Activities for Telling Time to First Graders?

Answer Teaching first-graders how to tell time may be difficult because time is a complicated idea. You may want to explain to them the difference between analog and digital clocks, the difference between... Read More »

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Files on your computer, including your pictures, digital movies and documents, are often irreplaceable -- and many people keep only a single copy of these items on a single computer. Hardware failu... Read More »

What is a good age to start telling time in homeschool?

According to the government's numeracy strategy guidelines, a good age to start telling time in homeschools is 5 or 6 years old. At that age they should be able to read the time to the hour or the ... Read More »

Why do many talk show hosts seem to be stuck on telling the victim to get a backbone and stand up to her abuser when in many cases it may actually be safer for the victim to do absolutely nothing?

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My daughters boyfriend is in the coast guard and is telling her he has to go way for a year on isolated duty and will not be able to contact her the entire time is this true is there really such a thi?