What is an alto sax?

Answer An alto saxophone is the second smallest of the most commonly played instruments in the saxophone family; it's also the second highest-pitched of these instruments. Saxophones are woodwind instrume... Read More »

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How did the alto sax evolve?

For an instrument originally designed to play in orchestras and military bands, the alto saxophone evolved into a frontline instrument. Its wide tonal range and relative playing ease make it a good... Read More »

How do i transpose for alto sax?

Write the music you are notating a minor third above concert pitch. Concert pitch represents the notes that are actually heard, rather than the notes as they are written. The alto saxophone is in t... Read More »

How to Transpose for Alto Sax?

The alto sax is a versatile instrument commonly associated with jazz music and marching bands. However, more and more composers are incorporating the alto sax into classical ensembles and other kin... Read More »

What is an alto saxophone?

An alto saxophone is one variety of saxophone, an instrument invented in the 1800s by the Belgian Antoine-Joseph Sax, who combined the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument with the body of a brass i... Read More »