What does alternate email address mean?

Answer The Internet has added websites and email to our range of communications tools. The latter enables you to send and receive communications within a few minutes and requires a unique address.AnswerAn... Read More »

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What does the word alternate mean?

The word alternate has several different connotations. It can mean something occurs in an order or successive manner. It can also mean something acts in turn or reverses the order of an action. Las... Read More »

What does "take one alternate days for 4 days then one daily" mean?

Okay, say you pick uo the Prescription on Monday. Take one on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and then one everyday; Monday , Tuesday Wednesday etc.You are not being stupid, you are being smart. ... Read More »

Does the president of the U.S. have an email address?

President Barack Obama does not have a public email address. He can be contacted through the "Contact Us" page of the official White House website, The president also accepts po... Read More »

What does Cc mean on an email?

Carbon copy.It sends a duplicate to whatever address you put in there, and..BCC is blind carbon copy, meaning none of your other mail recipients will see the addresses you put in there ..