What does alpha dog mean?

Answer The alpha dog, the leader, makes decisions for the rest of the pack. All dogs will try to be the alpha dog; it is a fight for respect. Humans believe they lead animals; however, an alpha dog will t... Read More »

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What does alpha mean in physics?

Alpha is the first letter in the Greek and it is used to label the easily-detectable positive particles that are emitted from an unstable nucleus of an atom. Since these large particles were the fi... Read More »

What does TFJ mean to Alpha Xi Delta?

The acronym "TFJ" in regard to the Alpha Xi Delta sorority is taken to mean "thanks for joining." The Alpha Xi Delta sorority was founded in 1893 at Lombard College in Illinois. There are 115 chapt... Read More »

What does Sierra Alpha mean in the Marine Corps?

SA stands for Situational Awareness. Military phonetic pronunciation of the letters S and A are Sierra and Alpha.

What does Alpha Company mean in the Marine Corps?

Like the rest of the United States Military, the U.S. Marine Corps uses the phonetic alphabet to make communication more clear. "Alpha Company" means that it is Company A in a regiment. Each regime... Read More »