What does alleged battery mean?

Answer Alleged battery means someone is accused of assaulting another person physically. According to Princeton WordNet, alleged means "declared but not proved" and battery is an "assault in which the ass... Read More »

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Can an alleged fathers name be put on a birth certificate without the alleged fathers signature?

No unless the alledged father is present his name cannot be entered on the birth certificate, unless you take a marriage certificate

What does OEM battery mean?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) battery is a battery for a device such as a laptop or camera made by the same company as the one that made the original battery for the device. OEM batterie... Read More »

What does battery exhausted mean?

means your battery is useless and you need to buy a new one, at least that's what my nikon manual said!

What does car battery corrosion mean?

Corrosion, a breakdown like rust, on a car battery is a sign of a problem that can have several causes. Using tap water rather than distilled water to fill the battery can cause corrosion, as can ... Read More »