What does mode mean in geometry?

Answer When working with a set of data in geometry, the mode is the number that appears most frequently, according to the Algebra Lab web page. If each number in the set appears only once there is no mode... Read More »

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What does mixed wireless mode mean?

Mixed wireless is a setting on a network router that enables the support of other wireless connection types such as 802.11n of the Wireless-N mode, the 802.11g of the Wireless-G mode and the 802.11... Read More »

On a cell phone, what does "tty mode" mean?

tty is a method of communicating used by the deaf... it's alot like texting...only the recipient must also have tty, or there are 'translator' services in some larger metro areas. Oregon has a stat... Read More »

What does disk mode on an iPod mean?

An iPod is a hard drive with disk space. Disk mode is an iPod state that allows users to plug the device into the computer and view non-media files on the iPod or copy non-media files or documents ... Read More »

What does the term "stand-by mode mean?

Stand by means that it is in a low power mode, without actually being off, this allows it to turn back on very very quickly, but wastes electricitycorresponding video input just means whatever is g... Read More »