What does airplane mode do?

Answer It disables your service, you can't call or text or use the internet or recieve calls or texts untill you disable it. This really helps if you're in a deadspot where your phone is constantly search... Read More »

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What does airplane mode on a ipod do?

The Apple iPod Touch has a feature called "Airplane Mode," designed to disable all of the device's wireless capabilities, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Enabling this mode during air travel makes it ... Read More »

What is the airplane mode on the iPhone?

I have No idea i just wonted to right something (y)

How to Go to Airplane Mode in the iPad?

When using the 3G iPad you may need to set the device to airplane mode when traveling, which disables the data network. Although you won't be able to access the Internet or any applications that us... Read More »

Does iPhone cost if in airplane mode?

no, airplane mode pretty much makes the iphone a itouch