What does air contain?

Answer Air is a mixture of gases within the Earth's atmosphere. By volume, standard dry air (which removes water vapor and local variations) contains 78.08 percent nitrogen, 20.95 percent oxygen, 0.93 per... Read More »

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What does a vin contain?

A VIN, or a vehicle identification number, contains the make, model, year, location of manufacture and a number specific to the vehicle. These 17-digit numbers may also contain information on the e... Read More »

What does Styrofoam contain?

Styrofoam, or blown polystyrene, is composed of benzine, styrene, ethylene and blowing agents (chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons). Styrofoam is a trademark name for polystyrene. The ... Read More »

What does the electromagnet contain?

An electromagnet at its simplest is a current-carrying coil of wire. Typically the coil is wrapped around a bar or iron core, which dramatically increases the strength of the magnetic field produce... Read More »

What does salt contain?

Common table salt is a chemical combination of sodium and chloride. Salt is actually a crystal that grows as the sodium and chloride atoms bond together. Salt has been used historically as not only... Read More »