Does Wal-Mart need to comply with Affirmative Action?

Answer Walmart is not a government. They do not have to follow anything. They could hire all whites, or all Asians and care less about others. The only thing they cannot do is discriminate against anyone ... Read More »

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Financial Aid and Affirmative Action?

"Generally speaking," it depends. LOL, that answer is so cliche but it is true. The amount of financial aid a student receives is correlated with the amount of money they make, which is tied to how... Read More »

What does early action mean?

Early action refers to a college admissions option in which students apply early and colleges admit, decline or defer their admission in December. Unlike early decision, another admissions option, ... Read More »

What does an in rem action to foreclose mean?

An in rem action to foreclose on a house is a type of legal procedure which may be used to establish court jurisdiction or if a house title is in dispute. "In rem" refers to actions directed toward... Read More »

What does without court action mean?

Any action in a court proceeding that does not require a judge or a disagreement that is settled prior to going through the legal system is considered without court Appeal... Read More »