What does IOS not supported mean?

Answer I believe it means that apple operating system is incompatible with what ever your trying to do

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What does"wireless LAN supported"mean in computer terms?

The term "wireless LAN support" indicates that the application or device at hand can be connected to a wireless LAN. This message is most common on cell phones or computer based wireless gaming per... Read More »

What does this mean Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro?

You're likely using IE8. If so, click the compatibility button (next to "refresh").

What file types are supported by ipad2?

Yes, any type of headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

What is the definition of a simply supported beam?

a beam that has hinged connection at one end and roller connection in other end is called simply supported beam so when transverse loads are applied they resists by generating reactive forces on t... Read More »