Does Wikipedia have a policy about "How-to Illegal Acts"?

Answer No. Such a policy would go against the principles of the free exchange of information. Sites like Wikipedia absolve themselves of any liability with a simple disclaimer that essentially says they... Read More »

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What food acts as a glue?

Peanut Butter and/or melted chocolateEgg white is a very strong glue. Flour and water with a little salt.

What is the purpose of medical practice acts?

A medical practice act sets the rules for doctors in a state. It typically defines what qualifies as a medical practice subject to oversight by the state medical board, and it spells out the sancti... Read More »

What can you do when a guilty person acts innocent?

The law states 'a person is innocent until proven guilty' so unless you can prove they are guilty of an act then there is nothing you can do. If this is personal and not a crime then it is better t... Read More »

What is the importance of the aviation and transportation security acts?

The Department of Defense Defends the U.S. National Security, and coordinates the different military branches through the Joint Chiefs of Staff . Homeland Security protects us from terrorism, and ... Read More »