What is a HUD acquired home?

Answer A U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) home is a residential dwelling obtained by HUD through foreclosure. HUD sells the property and recovers the amount of the foreclosure claim.... Read More »

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How to Use the Acquired Need Theory in the Classroom?

The Acquired Needs Theory was developed by behavioral psychologist David McClelland. He proposed that people's needs are shaped by experiences over time. He believed needs fall into three categorie... Read More »

Is Coffee a Acquired Taste?

Not if it's good. And no one should ever acquire a taste for bad coffee.When I was younger, I thought coffee was nasty after trying some my parents made & loved. Later, I tried some coffee at a res... Read More »

Have you ever known anyone with an 'acquired brain injury'?

My uncle Carl "acquired" a brain injury a few years back. He was hospitalised for some time, then went home to live with his family. It changed his personality, and he also had (has) trouble spea... Read More »

Poll what is something you feel is acquired taste?

Raw Tuna....Sashimi... melts in your mouth deliciousStraight tequila...but good ones. Need not be expensive as I have found that some priced at $30 a bottle goes down smoother than some priced $3... Read More »