Do you need an acoustic amp to play an electric acoustic instrument?

Answer You do not need an acoustic amp to play an electric acoustic instrument. Acoustic amps are designed with different speaker configurations to enhance the sound of an acoustic instrument, however, y... Read More »

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How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar with Tune an Acoustic Guitar Online?

GuideWant to tune your acoustic guitar? This article will tell you how.

DIY Acoustic Panel?

One of the most overlooked variables in any high-end listening or recording environment is the room it takes place in. Size, shape and materials present in the room can all have a profound effect o... Read More »

DIY Acoustic Insulation?

If you have a room that houses a home theater or a musician's practice space, you likely know how well the sound carries throughout the rest of the house. Although placing heavy fabric on the walls... Read More »

How to Age an Acoustic Guitar?

Well-built guitars tend to age gracefully, and the weathered look of a vintage guitar lends a character that can't be found in a brand new model. Unfortunately, vintage guitars can be inaccessibly ... Read More »