What does ach stand for in banking?

Answer ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. The Automated Clearing House is a program run by the Federal Reserve and is used by United States financial institutions to process electronic transactions.... Read More »

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What does ABA stand for in banking?

ABA stands for American Bankers Association. The organization was founded in 1875 and works to represent banks of all sizes, including offering its members numerous professional development progr... Read More »

What does hsbc stand for in banking&finance?

HSBC is the name of a financial services corporation. In its current form, HSBC does not technically stand for anything, though etymologically it can be traced back to its founding member, The Hon... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Universal Banking&Merchant Banking?

According to the Financial Web website, merchant banking deals with financial advice for large corporations. Merchant banking practices also involves stock underwriting and long-term company loans.... Read More »

Commercial Banking Vs. Personal Banking?

Personal banking, sometimes called retail banking because of the retail services offered to consumers, differs from commercial banking in a number of ways. Financial products and services available... Read More »