What does ach mean in banking terms?

Answer ACH is short for automated clearing house, which is the system that processes electronic payments by check rapidly. Using electronic checks allows people to minimize the use of paper checks.Source:... Read More »

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What does ETF mean in banking?

In banking, exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, combine characteristics of both mutual funds and individual stocks. Similar to mutual funds, ETFs are investment pools. ETFs, however, trade throughout t... Read More »

What does the abbreviation SMP mean in banking?

SMP in banking stands for Single Market Program. This is a program that was designed to allow all countries that are members of the European Union to enter into other nations' markets by branching,... Read More »

What does cord blood banking mean to your family?

Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that can develop into many different parts of the human body to treat diseases, and it has a lower recipient rejection rate--especially among family members... Read More »

What does GUI mean in DVR terms?

GUI means "graphical user interface" in electronic devices like DVRs or digital video recorders, computers, and cell phones. GUI uses graphics and icons rather than text. This type of interface has... Read More »