How does an acute abscess develop into a chronic abscess?

Answer Your body will fight the infection, building a thin wall around the end of the root, and containing the pus that is leaking . In many cases the initial pain and swelling go away, but the chronic ... Read More »

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How to get rid of my abscess?

Hi I go through your query and here are some home remedies that i want to suggest you, follow these with patience, you will feel much better:Step One: brush teeth thoroughly Step Two: 50/50 peroxid... Read More »

Can you die from an abscess?

It can get into the blood stream, and from there you can get septicemia. That isn't the bad part. Once it gets into the blood, it can possibly cause an abscess in any other tissue in the body (ev... Read More »

What happens when the antibiotics do not get rid of the abscess?

As a dentist I can assure you that antibiotics will help reduce the infection, but an abscess never really goes away until the tooth is fixed. Depending on how bad the infection is and how large i... Read More »

Throat Abscess?

A throat abscess is a pocket of pus that forms due to an infection in the body. When a throat abscess occurs, treatment by a physician is necessary. Such an abscess will not heal on it's own and th... Read More »