What does a"biological faux pas"mean?

Answer The term "faux pas" (pronounced "foe pah") means out of the ordinary, or some type of blunder. The term "biological faux pas" was used by the talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger in reference to t... Read More »

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What exactly does a soy burger or faux chicken patty taste like?

They often come in various flavors and each brand is different. Get a few and see which you like.

Does water damage faux suede?

Because faux suede is 100 percent polyester, it is not damaged by water. Unlike genuine suede, faux suede can be washed, but it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding use... Read More »

What is faux fur?

Faux fur is fake fur--a synthetic, fur-like material. The word "faux" comes from the French word meaning "false."HistoryFaux fur made from alpaca hair was introduced in 1929 as an inexpensive subst... Read More »

What Are Faux Tattoos?

Faux tattoos are fake tattoos that are temporary. You do not get permanently inked. If you are afraid to commit to a real tattoo, which are extremely permanent, or you just want to sport a tattoo f... Read More »