Zoologist Degrees?

Answer Zoologists are people who work with and study animals -- whether in zoos, the wild or research facilities. Although there are lots of ways to work with animals as a career, getting a zoologist deg... Read More »

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The Disadvantages of Being a Zoologist?

Zoology is defined as a branch of biology that deals with the study of animals. Beyond that brief explanation, this scientific endeavor is quite broad, for zoologists could be interested in life fo... Read More »

Does one need a doctoral degree to become a zoologist?

To be a zoologist, which is a biological scientist, a Master of Science in zoology or a Ph.D. in zoology is required. For a position as a lab or field technician, or a wildlife biologist, a Bachelo... Read More »

How many hours does a zoologist work?

Generally, zoologists can expect to work more than 40 hours per week. They do, however, have somewhat flexible schedules. In some cases, experiments take place 24 hours a day, so they may work in s... Read More »

Zoologist & Veterinary Colleges?

While zoologists primarily study animals to understand their inner workings, veterinarians examine, diagnose and treat illness and injuries in small and large animals. Prepare for careers in either... Read More »