What does a green rose symbolize?

Answer eternal love :)

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What does the rose of Sharon symbolize?

In the Bible, the Song of Solomon refers to the rose of Sharon, but it does not prove to stand for anything. It was a phrase used to portray the loveliness of a woman. Hebrew translation of the Bib... Read More »

What does the blue rose symbolize?

The blue rose symbolizes mystery, a tantalizing vision that cannot be fully obtained or unraveled. The blue rose also may symbolize a dream that is just out of reach or not yet realized. The symbo... Read More »

What does a white flower or rose symbolize?

White flowers or roses symbolize innocence and purity. They also can represent sympathy and reverence, which is why they fill funeral floral arrangements. They also are known as a bridal flower, pr... Read More »

What does the color yellow symbolize in Egypt?

The color yellow in ancient Egyptian folklore generally means eternal or indestructible. Both the sun and gold are yellow, and considered resilient and everlasting. Many gods, pharaohs and others w... Read More »