What does a flashing yellow light mean?

Answer A flashing yellow traffic light indicates that a driver should proceed with caution but does not have to stop. Flashing yellow lights are usually located at intersections or locations with greater ... Read More »

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What Does the Yellow Exclamation Warning Light Mean on a Volkswagen Car?

Volkswagens have two dashboard indicator lights that look like exclamation points. They are both located on the odometer, and each one has a different meaning.

What does the blinking yellow light mean on Home Guard 200?

It means the wearer is in range. If the wearer is out of range, the red light comes on (possibly intermittently) and the yellow light goes off.

What does the blinking yellow arrow on the traffic light mean?

It means that you may make the indicated turn on a permissive basis, after yielding to conflicting vehicles and pedestrians. This is usually the same as turning on the circular green, but the flash... Read More »

If your ipod shuffle light is blinking yellow what does what mean?

Apparently this means that your PC is seeing your shuffle as a data storage device, not an ipod. Make sure that you're using iTunes to synch your music to the shuffle and not dragging or dropping. ... Read More »