What does a women's cut& style mean?

Answer With a women's cut and style, a hair dresser will wash, cut and then style your hair. A cut and style is often more costly than just a hair cut, so consult with the hair stylist about associated pr... Read More »

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What does"haute"style mean?

"Haute" style, which is commonly known also as "haute couture," is a way to stay high fashion. "Haute" is French for high. This style tends to refer to luxury designer items by brands such as Gucci... Read More »

What does it mean to play golf Chicago-style?

Playing golf Chicago-style means to cheat at the game. Common cheating tactics include moving the ball to a better position and recording a lower score on a hole. Playing any game Chicago-style mea... Read More »

What does it mean when someone says you have a very "whimsical" decorating style?

sorry sugaree just makes me laugh, thanks for the humourTo me it's some one who is care free, in how they act, and what they do.take caredave

What does Jeff eastin of white collar mean when he says he's thinking about bringing kate back anne-rice style?