What does a wishbone necklace mean?

Answer Any sort of wishbone design, whether necklace or any other object, stands for a wish or dream. Susan Robinson, owner of a jewelry store, said it's a great present to signify new love or a long frie... Read More »

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How to Make a Wishbone Doll?

See the wishbone? wishbone dollWishbone dolls were made "in the olden days" before folks had all the material things they have today.

What time is the wishbone series on in the Ranch Cucamonga area and what channel is it on?

Would you buy this necklace?

What does 6.7 grams mean in a necklace?

The weight of the whole necklace in GRAMS.You're saying one is a copy cat. Where they made by the same company and Made in the Same Country? Call customer service, I don't sell them. They should b... Read More »