What does a windsock tell?

Answer A windsock is used to measure wind strength, wind direction and gust factor. They are most often utilized at airports to judge weather conditions. They are also used to mark an airfield's location.... Read More »

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What does a windsock do?

A windsock, a weather instrument placed high on a pole, shows which direction the wind blows and provides a general indication of the wind's speed. In low wind, the windsock angles downward, and in... Read More »

What does a windsock measure?

According to Cape Wind, a windsock determines the direction and estimates the speed of wind. Windsocks are commonly used at airports to give pilots a visual read on the direction and strength of th... Read More »

What is the origin of the windsock?

Windsocks were used as far back as 105 A.D. by the Romans as military banners. Using windsocks for decorative purposes has its roots in Chinese and Japanese history. They were made from paper or si... Read More »

How do I install a windsock?

Assembling VerticallyAttach the windsock to it's frame using ties. If installing the windsock vertically, attach a metal rod or pipe to the center of the frame. You will then bolt the rod into a lo... Read More »