What does a white screen mean on a iPhone 3g?

Answer your screen has gone white on you iphone, ipad or ipod, it means that it needs repairing. go to i doctor on the web.

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You accidentally squashed your iPhone the screen went white and stayed like it the ipod music kept playing though what have you broken is it just the screen?

My iPhone's screen is white what do i do?

Easy man! i have come across this 2 times. hold the on/off and home button together for about 10 seconds. It should reboot and yes! If that doesn't work, Turn your ipod off, hold the home button ... Read More »

How do you fix white screen of death on iPhone hard resets don't work?

The Iphone is better but the new nexus one it better than the Iphone

I washed my iPhone in the washing machine so i took the back off and put both parts in white rice to dry I've put it back together and it works ok except for the screen which is off what should i do?

As iPhones are expensive, what you need to do first is be more careful. The next best thing to do is take the iPhone to an Apple store so a qualified Service Technician can find out why the screen ... Read More »