What does the Rose of Sharon stand for?

Answer The Rose of Sharon is mentioned in the Old Testament, Song of Solomon 2:1. Sharon refers to a large tract of land in Palestine, and Solomon's wife called herself the "Rose of Sharon," likely meanin... Read More »

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What Does a Blue Rose Stand For?

The blue rose is a mythical flower. Horticulturalists endeavor to create blue roses with dyed petals or through hybridization that creates purplish approximations of a blue rose, but true blue rose... Read More »

What does a white flower or rose symbolize?

White flowers or roses symbolize innocence and purity. They also can represent sympathy and reverence, which is why they fill funeral floral arrangements. They also are known as a bridal flower, pr... Read More »

What does the white buffalo stand for?

The white buffalo is an important symbol to most Plains Indians. In Native American culture, the animal is thought to be a messenger of creation. The presence of a white buffalo is a sign of well... Read More »

What does red&white on a barber's pole stand for?

In the Dark Ages, clergy performed some surgical duties. After the 1163 Council of Tours, the duties transferred exclusively to barbers, who performed minor surgery and bloodletting along with fash... Read More »