What does a white bandanna mean?

Answer White bandanas are often worn by 'eta gang members. Originally formed in Puerto Rican prisons to protest the poor treatment of inmates, 'eta chapters can now be found in the United States as well.S... Read More »

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What does"White Lunch"mean?

The term "White Lunch" refers to restaurants in Vancouver, Canada in the early 1900s that would only hire or serve white people. The practice particularly discriminated against Chinese men and wome... Read More »

What Does It Mean if Oil in My Car Is White & Foamy?

Engines are like the human body, exhibiting all sorts of strange symptoms that may indicate a severe problem, a minor one or nothing at all. The trick to telling the difference is to look past the ... Read More »

What does white or pale stool mean?

The color of stools is often influenced by the body's production of bile, the substance that helps rid the body of waste through digestion. Bile is produced in the liver, stored in the gallbladder ... Read More »

What does white man's burden mean?

The phrase "white man's burden" is taken from a Rudyard Kipling poem of the same name. It has come to represent the imperialist attitude of the British empire, a responsibility to educate and bette... Read More »